About us


Thearent specializes in the rental and sale of textile products for theater and television productions, events, trade fairs, concerts, location design. Thearent offers pipe & drape, backdrops, curtains, seg frames, Eurotrack and much more. We are your partner for rental, sales, projects, and fixed installations. From our broad, high-quality and up-to-date range, we offer the right combination of materials and services for every creative idea. Based on our expertise, we can quickly and adequately provide the right solution. We are based in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain and USA.


After 10 very successful years in designing, producing and realizing laser shows around the world, it was time for a new challenge. In the year 2000 Michel Wenzel started with his new company in the Netherlands: Thearent


In the early days the product range consisted of stage parts and molton curtains. Within a short period of time the assortment was expanded with stand construction materials, trusses, rigging materials, Pipe & Drape and curtains in a large variety of colors and sizes.


Thearent moved from Amersfoort to Hazerswoude Dorp. In addition to the rental activities, there was a continuous increase in growth in the sales dance floors, textiles and many other accessories for the theater, expo and events industry.


Thearent starts making textile in its own sewing workshop with one sewing machine and one locking machine. From that point on Thearent defined its own textile quality and that did not go unnoticed. Many renowned theaters and event venues have their curtains produced in the atelier of Thearent.


Due to the increasing growth, Thearent relocated to a new home on the Italiëlaan in Hazerswoude Dorp. A building with over 2000 m2 of storage space, 4 loading docks, 500 m2 workshop, 300 m2 office.


The company Van Maaren Theater Textiles from Amsterdam was taken over.  Thearent now had more than 80 years of experience in manufacturing soft goods. Growth steadily continued, resulting in a sewing workshop equipped with 11 sewing machines, 3 lock machines, blind seam machines, fully automatic ring machine, cutting tables, et cetera. In addition, Thearent has a large stock of textile which enables the company to respond quickly to all client requests.


The Thearent Spanish division was added


Thearent USA was added in 2016 with shops in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver and Milwaukee.

Thanks to our experience in the various aspects of shows and events, Thearent is a high-level player in the industry. Thearent works with national and international productions. Thearent is a company with a mission, born out of passion for the business and became big by maintaining quality.