Thearent Group

Thearent Group is specialized in the rental and sales of textile products for events, trade fairs, B2B productions, concerts and location design. The rental industry by definition operates in a circular business model. Part of our products find their way through sales. By renting our Thearent products we try to minimise the negative environmental impact as much as possible. Together with our co-suppliers we are constantly working on new sustainable processes, systems and technologies. We are conscious of our  social responsibilities with regards to helping the environment through our working practices. 

Since our founding in 2000 Thearent has been defining the way event organizers, trade fair organizers, concert organizers, stage builders, event architects, project managers can improve the impact of stage areas by using our creative textile solutions both in- and outdoors. 

In the early days the product range consisted of stage parts and molton curtains soon extended with materials, trusses, rigging materials, curtains and pipe & drape in a large variety of colours and sizes. From the beginning we have focused on renting quality soft goods to the event industry. Now we are building on the vision to rent out robust and reliable softgoods to respond quickly to all client requests at a price point that works for any customer. We work in a fair and transparent manner.

Our Dutch Thearent headquarter is based at the International Trade Center in Hazerswoude centrally located in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Through the years we opened our satellite operations in Spain (Barcelona), U.S.A. (Phoenix, Milwaukee, Denver) and United Kingdom (Midlands). Thearent has invested in cloud based solutions to communicate efficiently between each operation and work remotely.

At Thearent we communicate openly, honestly and effectively with both internal and external and encourage them to embrace sustainable ways of working. We support our local community through providing local employment opportunities.



The rental industry by definition operates in a circular business model. In one of our main markets (Events) we are dealing with high and low season periods, long-term and short-term projects. With our rental product range offered we give access to our products when required. In the peak season our goods are used frequently and therefore we are continuously striving to develop the products as sustainable as possible. We are proud of our own robust and innovative Thearent design in which we abstained from wood in general. We take care of our rental supplies through repairs and recycle at the end of a products rental life cycle. Moreover, at Thearent we search for a sustainable option to our customers and provide theoretical and practical training to optimise the use of equipment.



Thearent is providing textile solutions in which printing is an optional product feature. We believe in partnering and we maintain warm relationships with our contractors. Not only for sharing knowledge but also in sharing best practice and generating innovative ideas. 

 It is key that our contractors need to produce sustainable and strive for a minimum on ecological impact in a way that requirements are met both regional and global. They also take responsibility for the world we live in. Their standard is to produce and keeping ahead of the innovations in sustainable printing, ink efficiency, emissions, waste management and energy consumption.  Moreover, the large format segment is growing continuously and soft signage is currently one of the growing areas in the print industry. Our printed textile is handled with care for the environment and that’s why all our printed products are certified: Wise Choice, OEKO-TEX, Reach. 






Best practice in textile printing of our supplier. In the fabric used for the textile prints recycled plastic bottles are used. For 2019 the expected amount of bottles is forecasted on 20.000 kg. The use of 1 kg of recycled PET bottles in the textile solution equals a 3 kg saving on CO2 emission. By using this sustainable technic, the fabric has become more smoother and denser which effects the amount of ink used. The printing is done with water-based inks odourless and recyclable, free of volatile organic compounds.

It is our top priority to stay creative and progressive in our switch to a growing number of sustainable products. Our acoustic solutions ( e.g. sound baffles) perfectly neutralise, isolate and improve the sound by a high-grade recycled material. This isolating material is made of recycled PET bottles; more moisture-resistant and maintenance friendly. When the lifecycle of the sound baffle is at its end  it is again also perfectly recyclable. The same principle of recycling can be found in our floor coverings. They are having the ability to be repurposed, being reclaimed and recycled into other products. In all our satellite operations we work with OEKO- TEX standard 100 certified cotton molton only. Every component of this molton has been tested for harmful substances and therefore is harmless for human health. 

Packaging. To protect our textile solutions during transport we have switched our packaging methods to a more sustainable way. We stopped using Styrofoam instead we are using recyclable cardboard.  We have been designing and developing trolleys in which our rental goods are transported. Non-standard textile solutions are protected with a 100% recyclable plastic wrap. It is our goal to minimize the amount of recyclable plastics, inclusive of our on-site productions. 

Logistics. The last few years Thearent has been expanding the amount of satellite operations in Europe and North America. Optimal design of routes and shorter trips to our clients could already lower the CO2 emissions substantially. Part of our Thearent eco-friendly logistics policy are the groupage shipments in all satellite operations. Plus by means of the satellite operations reduced commuting can help cutting our carbon footprint. 

Waste policy. At Thearent we develop sustainable practices and ways of working throughout the entire lifecycle of our products. We continue to apply waste hierarchy principles and limit the production of waste and prevent pollution wherever possible. 

Human resources

It is a fact that our industry has changed and new standards are set because of the Covid pandemic. But it was already before this pandemic that Thearent decided to work with a more sustainable option to our customers and provide theoretical and practical training to optimise the use of equipment. In the summer of 2021 Thearent made an important switch in its service model into a dry hire- dry sales organisation (in short: products only). Where local crew within the vicinity of the assignment is used only and where the products are built and dismantled by this same local crew. This Crew Network has a positive effect on travelling and CO2 emissions for both for the crew members and our Thearent customers. Certified crew members only are allowed to working with Thearent products. A certificate means a fully understanding of the Thearent products, a proper build up and dismantling and knowledge of our waste policy.  A certificate means that you contribute to the optimal rental lifecycle of Thearent products. And as the crew member is multitasking the customers can benefit from this efficiency aspect. The Crew Network is trained at the Academy at our headquarters in the Netherlands. Crew members have to follow the basic course first before submitting to the advanced course. The academy is interesting for freelancers, crew organisations, venues and contractors.

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