Welcome at the Thearent Academy page!

Thearent Group has changed its service model to a Rental and Sales organisation. This means that Thearent no longer supplies a crew for setup,
disassembly and fixed installations. 

In order to support our clients in meeting their crew needs we have set up the Crew Network. This means that clients who rent/buy from Thearent
gain access to the Crew Network to meet their crew needs.

You can be a member of the Crew Network! 
To become a member of the Crew Network, you can sign in for the courses at the Thearent Academy. At the Thearent Academy there are three courses :

1.     Basic 
2.     Advanced
3.     Special

When you attend the courses and you have completed the course successfully, you will be part of the Crew Network. Clients can select a crew at the
Crew Network site by entering the Thearent products. But, not only your skills learned at the Thearent Academy will be shown, also your other skills
are visible for the Clients. This means that clients can hire you for more jobs at the event. 

If you want to be part of the Crew Network, select the button below "Sign in for Thearent Academy”

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