Crew network

The Thearent Group has recently transformed its service model to focus on both Rental and Sales of equipment. This shift means that Thearent no longer provides crew for setup, disassembly, and fixed installations.To support this transition, Thearent has invested heavily in standardizing its products and logistics materials. The result is a range of products that are easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport.To help clients meet their crew needs, Thearent has created the Crew Network. This network allows clients to access a pool of skilled and trained crew members at a reduced cost and with increased efficiency, while maintaining the high standards of quality.

By renting or buying from Thearent, clients gain access to this network and can hire crew members for multiple jobs at the event, allowing them to see the skills and experience of the crew members.To ensure that the crew is well-trained, Thearent has established the Thearent Academy, where freelancers and crew agencies are trained in the use of Thearent products. The Academy also offers training for clients' own employees.In order to make its products available to a wider audience, Thearent will be working with local operations in Spain, the United Kingdom, and the USA, with plans to expand to other locations in the future.

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