Privacy & cookies

1. General

This statement contains the privacy policy of Thearent with regard to the processing of your personal data. Processing includes the use, storage, and sharing of your data.
Thearent is aware of the fact that the appropriate processing of personal data constitutes an essential aspect of privacy law.
In order to safeguard this right, this statement explains to you what happens with your personal data.
When you order a product from us, we need a number of details from you.
Without this information, for example, we would not be able to send you your product.
We also save some of your details, just in case the product is not delivered to you, so that we can provide you with faster assistance and easily find out what went wrong.
The actions taken by Thearent comply with the current Dutch Personal Data Protection Act as well as the General Data Protection Regulation which will come into force in May 2018.
By purchasing a product from Thearent, you agree to the general terms and conditions that apply as well as the approach we take to processing personal data.

 2. Processing purposes

In order to carry out the purchase agreement or other agreements between you and Thearent as effectively as possible and to maintain a customer relationship, it is necessary that we collect, use, share and document a number of your personal details.
This is referred to as 'processing’ in the General Data Protection Regulation.
We take great care when documenting these details and protect them using appropriate methods.

 3. What data do we process and why?

When purchasing a product from Thearent BV, you can register an account with us so that your details are entered into our customer database to make ordering more efficient.
The data processed by Thearent includes your:

  • Name
  • Address details
  • Chamber of Commerce number
  • VAT number
  • E-mail address
  • Purchasing history

You can see which details we have in your account environment.

You can view, manage and export your data here. Click here for a request to be forgotten.

Whenever you send us an e-mail or other messages, we may keep these messages. We may sometimes ask you for personal details that are relevant for the situation concerned. This makes it possible to process your questions and respond to your requests. The information is stored on secure servers owned by Thearent.
We will not combine these details with other personal data that we have.

We collect data for research purposes in order to better understand our customers so that we can tailor our services accordingly.
Our website uses 'cookies’ (small files that are placed on your computer) to help us analyse the way our website is used.
The information generated by these cookies regarding your use of the website can be transmitted to the secured servers owned by Thearent.

We use this information to keep track of how you use the website, to create reports on website activity and to offer other services related to website activity and use of the internet.
A specific service running on our website is our search engine which collect necessary cookies for providing you the best possible search experience.
The cookies for the search engine are grouped under the necessary cookie option found when first using our website. Collected by the search engine are the following:

  • cookies for storing recent searches,
  • cookies for storing recent categories of clicked products
  • cookies for storing recently clicked products.


4. Sharing data with third parties

It is necessary to share your details with third parties for the purpose of fulfilling the agreement. Agreements have been made with these third parties regarding the collection and use of your personal data.
Your data is shared with third parties in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act and the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation.
Thearent  will never share your data for marketing purposes of third parties without your knowledge and consent.

Your personal details are shared with postal/transportation companies:
In order to ensure that your product actually reaches you, Thearent is obliged to share your name, address, and possibly your telephone number with the postal company that delivers your order.
These details are only to be used for this purpose and Thearent has contractual agreements with the company regarding the use of your data.

5. Retention periods

In accordance with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act and the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation, Thearent  will retain your details for no longer than necessary. Thearent  is also bound by deadlines which have been laid down by law and these deadlines are very much adhered to by Thearent BV.

6. Security

Thearent  protects the information entrusted to it by means of technical and administrative security measures in order to minimize the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, public disclosure and changes with respect to the data.
These measures include the use of firewalls, data encryption and physical and administrative control of access to the data and servers.
However, please contact us if you think that your data has been misused in any way. You will find our contact details under 'Our contact details’. We send your personal details securely by encrypting them.
This also applies to your order and your customer login details.
In addition, we secure our websites and other systems by taking technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction, access, changes or dissemination of your details by unauthorized persons.

7. Right of subject access

As a customer, you have a number of important rights, also referred to as the right of subject access. The right of subject access gives you the opportunity to inspect, change or delete your details.
Thearent  is aware of the fact that this right is an extremely important aspect of your privacy and that your personal data must be treated with the utmost care.
Thearent  therefore gives you the opportunity to contact us so that we can provide you with access to your personal data.
In addition, you can invoke the right to object by lodging an objection to the processing of your data.
If you no longer wish to use our services or no longer wish to purchase any products from us, you are entitled to ask for your details to be deleted from our database.
Needless to say, we will no longer share your details with third parties as explained under 'Sharing data with third parties’.
If you would like to invoke one of the above rights against Thearent BV, then please let us know by sending us a request.

8. Notification requirement and Dutch Data Protection Authority

If, as the result of a data leak, Thearent  loses personal data or makes it available to unauthorized persons, then you will be informed about this if there is a reason to do so.
Likewise, if you suspect unlawful processing of data by Thearent BV, you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

9. Changes to privacy policy

Thearent  has the right to change and update this privacy statement so that the statement corresponds to the rules in conformity with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation.
It is therefore advisable to consult this statement from time to time. If a substantial change is made to this statement that has demonstrable consequences for you, you will be informed of this via e-mail.

10. Contact in matters Privacy statement

In the event of any questions, comments, complaints or to exercise your rights as a data subject in connection with our Privacy Notice and the processing of your personal data by Thearent’s websites,
you can contact Thearent’s Data Protection Officer directly by email ( We will gladly take care of your data protection concerns.
This privacy statement was drawn up on 03/12/2021